Many Norwalk students get a haircut for the upcoming seasons.

Gus Nurre, Staff Writer

People change their styles, from the way they dress to the way they style their hair. This can depend on current trends, personal preferences, and cultural influences. Many students at Norwalk High School got their hair cut over spring break.

Some students at Norwalk said they wanted a haircut because it can be easier to maintain.

“My hair was too long and was hard to style,” said Kasey Ludlow, senior at Norwalk High School. “Now I feel fly as hell and am happier with my hair.”

Other students said they wanted to have a cleaner look for their upcoming vacation. Many people get their hair cut before a vacation to look good while they travel.

“I wanted to get a haircut because I was with my family and just wanted to look good for family photos,” said Rhylee Harragia, Freshman at Norwalk High School.

Getting a haircut before a trip can be a way to feel more confident in photos or when meeting new people. It’s a small but effective way to boost self-esteem and enhance the overall travel experience.

“I wanted a haircut to look cleaner for my visit to New York City,” said Cooper Hastings, junior at Norwalk High School. “I felt more beautiful than a mug.”

Most students at Norwalk said the same two things; their hair was either too long, or they didn’t have time to style it. Many of them opted for shorter haircuts that were easier to manage and maintain.

“My hair was too long and it gave me a headache,” said sophomore Ella Nielsen. “I only get 1 to 2 haircuts a year.”