Need an elective? Consider Art Appreciation


Landon Edwards is taking notes on chapter three in Art Appreciation class on January 30th. Landon is a member on Norwalk’s basketball team who went to state this year.

Kay Widen, Former Staff Writer

Norwalk provides many electives to fill your schedule up, one being Art Appreciation. Art Appreciation is a class that combines art history, sociology, and real-world problems and connects it to types of art.

“It can evolve around humanist and religious ideology,” said art student Lili Ferra. “It involves human creation of architecture, painting, technology, and how the development of our world is based on these creative systems.”

Art Appreciation is taught by Angela Davidson.

“The class is an overview of art history of the span of time,” Davisdon said. “The students look at what we consider art and how to evaluate it.”

During the class, you do many things involving the basis of art through a textbook, slides, and notes. Quizzes are open note; exams are not.

“Every other day, you add notes to a note packet based on slides and a specific textbook,” said Ferra. “The textbook ranges from foundations and art mediums which explain what art is and what it can be.“

Davidson provides the different aspects of the art world.

“We look at different mediums such as drawing, sculptures, and paintings,” Davidson said.

Art Appreciation has a lot to do with depictions and understanding of art compared to other issues.

“Taking literal depictions, putting a meaning on it, making art significant through a figurative understanding,” Ferra said. “The class is similar to English, social studies, and art combined, allowing you to make connections of humanity and comparing it to how art is formed which connects sociology concepts.”

Davidson said it is an introduction of what art has to offer.

“The class gives a broad overview of art history,” said Davidson. She added that it “helps students that want to look at it further to continue to pursue it.”

The class also includes a field trip to the Des Moines Art Center, which allows you to take pictures for an upcoming essay that allows you to hyperfocus on one subject of figurative significance.

“It was a good experience and thoroughly planned out,” Ferra said. “The people working were prepared and wanted the students to understand the significance of the art. The workers loved their jobs, making it easier to connect with them. Near the end, the remaining 30 minutes, we were free to roam and allowed to look at things on your own.”

Art Appreciation is offered every semester to any student at Norwalk High School.