Beaver twins make their mark in the weight room


Gus Nurre, Staff Writer

You might think that all freshmen are all the same. But if you were to look closer at Norwalk High School, you would see a set of twins. Those twins are Mason and Issac Beaver. These two both play football for Norwalk and lift weights. 

Issac and Mason do almost everything together. Some of the students said that they were soft spoken. But once you start talking to them about lifting, something inside of them lights up and they start talking about every little thing. 

When Issac Beaver was asked what he did for a typical day at the gym, he said that he was not willing to give that out because he and his brother want to keep it a secret. 

Why keep it a secret? These twins are considered advanced lifters.

 Issac said he and his brother can lift 250 pounds on the bench press for eight reps. He said they can lift 250 pounds for three to five squats. They said that their goal is 400 pounds for bench and 500 pounds for squats before graduation. 

When Carter Eden, a sophomore and a varsity football player at Norwalk,  was asked what he thought about the twins, he said, “I think they are good kids.”

Other students shared similar comments.

“They are fun kids to hang out with,”  said freshman Asaiah Martinez-Ruiz.

Daniel Roche said they are nice kids off the football field, but once they get on the field, they aren’t scared to drop someone.

“They are monsters on the field,” he said.