Steve Andrews retires after 22 years of teaching at Norwalk

Mr. Andrews teaches sophomore Grace Washburn in Economics. He was putting in extra time to help her with some relearning.

Cooper Hastings, Staff Writer

All pictures were taken during 3rd hour on May 24th.


After this school teacher, Steve Andrews will be retiring after 35 years total and 22 years with Norwalk.

“I’ll miss the students for sure a lot,” Andrews said. “And I’ll miss my subject areas that I teach. I’ll miss all my colleagues. I won’t miss a lot of extra things and time that goes into some of those extra things that are required to still be a teacher.”

All 35 years, Andrews had been a football coach at Norwalk and at his old school near Okoboji. When asked about his most memorable moments, he said, “As a coach was probably this past season where I had a freshman team that was undefeated in my last year of coaching. That’s my most memorable coaching.”

Andrews said he had a lot of good memories of teaching as well.

“Every year when seniors are finishing up, that’s always a good memory their last week or so.”

Andrews teaches Economics and Psychology at Norwalk.

“Mr. Andrews is a very good teacher and I think a lot of students were affected by his teaching in a positive way.” Said senior Kane Flynn.  

Andrews said his next chapter is a trip to Hawaii with his wife. Then he will look for a part time job to keep him busy. 

Lisa Popken, another social studies teacher at Norwalk, said she was speaking on behalf of the entire social studies department when she said Andrews would be remembered.

“Somebody who is filled with passion for connecting with students, and making learning relevant,” Popken said.