Norwalk Offering Summer Lifting Program

Gus Nurre

This summer Norwalk High school is going to have a summer lifting program starting on June 5th.   

“I think it’s important to work out year round,” said Cory Archer, strength and conditioning teacher at Norwalk High School. “This program is for everyone, students and athletes alike.”

  Grades 9-12 can come in at 6 noon. At noon there will be a camp for grades 7-8.

“I think it’s 100% important to workout year round so this program is great because it can help our athletes workout this summer,” said Brandon Schmitz, the head teacher for the Norwalk strength and conditioning program.

Working out can be a great way to get into shape.

“I want to lose weight and get healthy and this program will help me do so,” said Jordan Trinh, a freshman at Norwalk High School.

“ Motivation only gets you so far, Discipline is what gets you the extra mile”  Those words are what motivate Maksym RooneyKozak, freshman at Norwalk High School.