Anya Kallenbach and Audrey Adams Win the Race for Student Body President and Vice President

The duo recently won the race for student body president and vice president over Aidan Harder and Grant Fletcher.


Audrey Adams(left) and Anya Kallenbach take a photo at the choir awards in the cafeteria on May 11th. Anya and Audrey are both in choir and choir is one of the many activities that are represent by them.

Kasey Ludlow and Todd Sylvester

At the end of every school year, Norwalk High School holds the election for student body president. This year, a duo of Anya Kallenbach as president and Audrey Adams as vice president won over Aidan Harder as president and Grant Fletcher as vice president by only 2 votes.

New student body president Anya Kallenbach said she was excited about her new role.

“I was nervous beforehand because Mr. Alfred had been saying it was very, very, close, and I knew that it could go either way so I honestly was relieved,” Anya said.

They both said they wanted to run for the position to take a bigger role in student council and to create positive change in the school.

“We really want more student input in a lot of the events like dress-up weeks and homecoming events so more people will participate,” Audrey said. “There’s a lot of opportunities that can come with this. We’re presenting a student council scholarship next week, and we get to get more people into student council and talk to underclassmen.”

Current President Charlie Poppens said he liked how the election turned out.

“I was kind of surprised,” Charlie said. “They won by two votes so it was a really competitive race, but I am glad they won, I think they were the better candidates.”

Junior Kyle Erickson said he voted for Anya and Audrey.

“I voted for them because they seem like they have everything planned out and are very organized,” Kyle said. “I think they just have everything prepared and they really care.”

Kyle and Charlie both had advice for Anya and Audrey next year.

“Don’t take it too seriously, focus on building relationships, and don’t give yourself too much work,” Charlie said.

Kyle said that he liked what Charlie and Chloe accomplished last year.

“You can throw some fun in there but you also have to keep it civil so I feel like Anya and Audrey could do the same thing,” Kyle said. “Add some fun things in there, but don’t make it too crazy.”