Senior Assassin

Norwalk seniors end the school year with a high-stakes battle royale.


Jacey Hutson gets eliminated by Ben Liedtke on Monday morning, May 1st. Jacey was the first to be eliminated in the game.

Todd Sylvester, Staff Writer

As the school year comes to a close, many members of the senior class at Norwalk High School are competing in a battle royale water gun game called Senior Assassin.

“We have over 70 people in on the game so far and I think a lot of people are going to be really engaged,” Charlie Poppens said, who’s been a part of organizing the game.

Beginning May 1st, participants are randomly assigned one target. Each participant has between then and the following Saturday at 11:30 p.m. to find their target and eliminate them with their water gun in order to advance to the next target. The winner of Senior Assassin is awarded the pool of buy-in money from all the participants, which is $5 per participant.

However, the catch is that you can only eliminate your target outside of school property during the school week, outside of a school activity, not on the clock at work, and not during any graduation parties, but anywhere else within legal parameters is fair game. 

“I’m really trying to prepare for going off the grid,” said Kaden Tomkins, one of the participants. “I gotta turn the location off, let the parents know, don’t let anyone in the house.” 

What if a target shoots the assassin first? If a participant is being shot at by their assassin and they are able to shoot their assassin first, they are granted one hour of immunity before their assassin is allowed to target them again.

“I think I have an advantage because I’ve been taking AP Stats so I know probabilities,” said Joey Gulbronson, another senior participant in the game.

The game also serves as a way of bringing the senior class back together before they graduate, according to Charlie.

“A lot of these people haven’t seen each other since elementary school or middle school,” he said. “A lot of different groups of people are interacting and it’ll be really good to see people get involved with one another again.”

Kaden had similar thoughts.

“It’s bittersweet,” he said. “We’re having fun and it’s the last time I see them. It’s gonna be a good time.”