Mario comes to theaters near you

Aiden Petry, Staff Writer

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie” featuring Chris Pratt is currently playing in theaters.

In the new movie, Mario and Princess Peach both have to fight Bowser to keep him from taking over the world. 

Dominic Gunn-Burch, sophomore, said he is excited to see the new movie. 

“I love Chris Pratt,” he said. “I grew up playing Mario games.”

Dominic said there is something he is even more excited about in the movie than seeing Chris Pratt play Mario.

“I want to see Seth Rogan play Donkey Kong,” he said.

Dominic said he was unsure if he was going to be able to see the movie in theaters.

“If I can afford it,” he said. 

Evan Housman, a sophomore at Norwalk, said he also wanted to see the film. 

“I grew up playing all types of Nintendo games and Mario was my second favorite,” he said 

He said is excited that Chris Pratt and Jack Black are voice actors in the movie. 

“I want to hear Jack Black as Bowser” he said. 

Evan said he has high expectations for the movie.

“It’s going to be the best movie of the year,” he said.